Novo Voxelab Polaris 3D Tiskalnik 5.5 Palčni UV Photocuring Smolo Tiskalnik z 2K Visoka Ločljivost LCD Zaslona 115X65X155mm Brezplačno Ladja

Novo Voxelab Polaris 3D Tiskalnik 5.5 Palčni UV Photocuring Smolo Tiskalnik z 2K Visoka Ločljivost LCD Zaslona 115X65X155mm Brezplačno Ladja

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Oznake: 3 edaja, 3d kamiondžija, nazaj iphone 7, portabl tiskalnik, elegoo smole, smole flashforge, 3d tiskalnik smole, 3d človek majica, 3d printer kit, anycub foton.

  • Potrošni Material Premer: 405nm valovna dolžina smole
  • Najvišja Delovna Hitrost: 20 mm/hr
  • Barvni Hitrost Tiskanja: NOBEN
  • Tiskanje Hitrost: 20 mm/hr
  • Premer Temp: NOBEN
  • Blagovna Znamka: FlashForge
  • Številka Modela: Polaris 5.5 v
  • Operacijski Sistem: Windows
  • Samodejno Izravnavanje: No
  • Jezik: CN/SL
  • Natančnost: 3D Smolo Tiskalnik
  • Največja Velikost Tiskanja: 115*65*155mm
  • Največ Tiskanje Hitrost: NOBEN
  • Certificiranje: CE
  • Rezina Debeline: 0.025-0,1 mm
  • Fliament: fotoobčutljivi smole
  • Napetost: 110-220V
  • Modeliranje Tehnologije: LCD
  • CE Certificiranje: Da,
  • Šoba Premera: NOBEN
  • Vrsta Vmesnika: USB
  • Rezina Programske Opreme: CHITUBOX/VoxelPrint
  • Napajanje: 110-220V, 12V, 5A
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Postelja Temp: NOBEN
  • Oblika Zapisa Datoteke: NOBEN
Ticixodpud1972 2020-12-22 This is my first 3D printer and it's been fantastic to use, prints everything I wanted in high detail. Product came with USB stick and tutorial links and instructions on it. after following the pictures steps I was able to set it up with no other help. Bought some resin, did 8 seconds exposure per 0.025mm layers and added supports in software to model, saved sliced file to USB, and boom, the printer just works. Even came with a free deer STL model on USB stick. The air filtering system is great, no smell leaked from machine at all. Super fast shipping from their local warehouse, I was honestly really surprised, top quality. From first print, this has really taught me the art of printing and the first print you learn all the "what not to dos" and you are good from there. Buy disposable gloves, and some metholated spirits to handle and clean resin for post print processing. And then set it UV lighting or Sun for final cure. 5/5
Kulichkov 2000 2021-02-02 Long tupyl with adjustment, the figure did not stick to the platform, figured out, tried to print, I liked everything, I can not compare it with FDM... 5/5
Sabrinabaku 2020-12-12 Fantastic Little Printer! Perfect for people new to resin printing. Well packaged, plenty of protective filler and all the components were secured appropriately. The only thing that you really need to do to get up and running is levelling and setting the platform's Z=0. The instruction handbook covers this well and anyone could work it out. Chitubox is the slicing software which is user friendly. Pour your resin up to the conveniently marked MAX fill line and hit the print button. The printer's air filter work remarkably well. After my 2hr 17min first print, resin smell was virtually non-existent. My first print worked perfectly with absolutely no issues and I look forward to many more! 5/5
Pesockii 2020-12-22 Shipping from UK 5 days, well packed, is cute, manual, software all without problems, machine refined, I am very glad THANK YOU and RECOMMEND shop FlashForge, products Voxelab. 5/5
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